ACCOUNTANT'S GUIDE to XBRL (9th edition)

The Accountant's Guide to XBRL
- 9th Edition -
(January 2015)

The Book Cover

(ISBN 978-0-9849143-9-5)

- Covering US GAAP 2014, IFRS 2014, SEC reporting, disclosures, extension taxonomies, iXBRL, Corporate Actions, and the Audit Data Standards implemented in XBRL GL -
(For extensive coverage of XBRL with end-of-chapter projects)
[193 pages]

A complete guide for learning XBRL
(6 chapters)

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(8th edition)

The Guide & Workbook
Understanding XBRL
- 8th Edition (July 2014) -

The Book Cover
(ISBN 978-0-9849143-7-1)
- Featuring US GAAP & IFRS 2014, and Intro to SEC Edgar & iXBRL -
(For an introduction to XBRL, US GAAP and IFRS, and a choice of projects)
[70 pages]
A guide & workbook for learning about XBRL & building instance documents
(4 chapters)

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The Accountant's Guide to XBRL (9th)

The Guide & Workbook for
Understanding XBRL (8th edition)

Designed as: A complete textbook on XML and XBRL:
Six chapters introducing XML documents, UBL, schemas and namespaces, XBRL, accessing information and processing XBRL documents with XSLT, validating and rendering XBRL instance documents, including mid-Chapter exercises and projects at the end of each Chapter.
Examples and exercises use U.S. GAAP XBRL 2014 and IFRS 2014, iXBRL, the AICPA Audit Data Standards implemented in XBRL GL, the Corporate Actions taxonomy, and the SEC EDGAR database.
A self-contained introduction to XBRL and financial statement project book:
An introduction to XBRL featuring test-yourself exercises and step-bystep guidance on creating XBRL financial statements. The final chapter contains projects/exercises using US GAAP (2014) to build XBRL financial statements, level 1 through 4 footnote/disclosures, an introduction to the IFRS (2014) taxonomy and an IFRS balance sheet, an exercise using the SEC's Edgar interactive data tools, and an introduction and exercise using Inline XBRL (iXBRL).
Depth of coverage: The Accountant's Guide (9th edition)
XML elements (UBL) & documents (25 pages)
XML schemas, UBL schemas, namespaces, validation, and XLink (35 pages)
XBRL instance documents, taxonomies, footnotes and extensions (45 pages)
Transforming UBL and XBRL instance documents and accessing information with XSLT (30 pages)
IFRS reporting, SEC filings, iXBRL, Audit Data Standards, and XBRL document analysis (35 pages)
The Guide & Workbook for Understanding XBRL (8th edition)
An introduction to XML, XBRL elements, and using the US GAAP 2014 XBRL taxonomy (46 pages)
Three projects creating XBRL financial statements using the U.S. GAAP 2014 XBRL taxonomy, one project using the IFRS 2014 XBRL taxonomy, two projects using the SEC Edgar database, and one project using iXBRL (22 pages)